Where’s Your Book???

I know – a lot of you have been wondering (probably not), but no excuses here. I’ve been working, at my real job of course, and the schedule has really thrown me off a lot. Plus, a week vacation to Los Angeles didn’t help.

That being said, the November launch date may have been a bit ambitious. I plan on having everything to blurb┬áby the end of this week and I should have my first physical copy in my hands by mid-November. The first major hurdle, in my eyes, is quantity. I’m planning on printing 5 copies, which would put the price upwards of $30 USD per book. So, maybe this will just be a super expensive first edition.

The plan is still to launch both My Blanket and the Sunflower story. Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll start posting teasers of the Sunflower story soon.

I do have to admit, I think my MS Paint skills have improved immensely since starting this book thing.


Word of Advice for Aspiring Writers and Children

I have one simple piece of advice for everyone who is looking to publish an ebook, regular book, or any sort of media format – learn to use all the Adobe tools available to you. Sure it’s fun and all that I made everything via MS Paint, but at the end of the day, if you want to make something really look nice and really stand out? You need to use these tools.

Who said covers never sold books? Because they do!

So right now, the first tool I’m going to learn is Adobe InDesign. Hopefully it leads me somewhere as Adobe programs have always been the bane of my computer abilities.

An Interview with… Myself

Have you ever wanted to be interviewed by Jimmy Fallon or Conan O’Brien or Jay Leno, or any of the great late night talk show hosts? I’ve always imagined what it would be like, sometimes coming up with questions and answers on my own. I know I may sound crazy, but I recently found out that it was a great way to calm yourself so that you can sleep with ease no matter how tired, or “untired,” you are.

Since I probably won’t be getting any interview requests any time soon, I figured I would play out one of these scenarios for everyone to enjoy. I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s rights so I will be interviewing myself.

Side note – I’m not crazy.

“So glad to have you here tonight, the author of ‘My Blanket’ and the soon to be released ‘The Sunflower, The Peony, and The Casablanca.’ How are you doing?”

“Great. It’s really great to be here. I’m very excited!”

“Tell us, what inspired you to start writing?”

“I knew this would come up” (insert uncomfortably forced laugh) “I don’t really know what inspired me. It just kind of happened.” Continue reading

Teaser: Potential Front Cover for My Blanket

I just released a potential teaser picture for a quick mock-up of what the front cover for “My Blanket” could look like on the Andy Chiang Books Facebook site. I really would appreciate it if you took a few seconds to click the like button.

As for the loyal followers on my website here, I haven’t forgotten about you. Here’s a teaser of the teaser:

Just a small snip-it of what the cover could look like.

Just a small snip-it of what the cover could look like.

Mr. Suba and I will be having a hard working session within the next week to wrap up all of our outstanding projects. Next up for me? I’ll start teasing everyone with images of my next book, “The Sunflower, The Peony, and The Casablanca.” And yes, I realized I capitalized “the” because its part of their formal names (just a hint!).

Fast-Track to Publishing

While we wait for editors, marketers, and Mr. Suba to sort a few things out on their end. I’ve gone ahead and done a little research on what I can do to fast-track my book. What does fast-track really entail? Well, paying for the book and mailing them out myself.

Now there are some obvious risks to this:
1) Timing: I can’t fulfill orders in a timely fashion unless I have a few copies on hand
2) Inventory: I may have too much or too little inventory on hand
3) Money: All of this involves some sort of capital investment

Usually most authors would give up at step #3. I say it’s because they don’t believe in their work. Remember the advice Mr. Suba once gave? Don’t do this because you want to make money. Do this because you want your words to reach someone. I don’t really care if I only make one copy and that one copy is the one that sits on my own bookshelf. It’s something to say I’ve accomplished this and that’s why I’ve set out to fast track.

The big advantage?
I get to have a book made with my name on it!

I’ve settled on using blurb (being in Canada, use blurb.ca). They specialize in photo books, in this case, my children’s book. The pricing isn’t great, I’m probably looking at $30/book at cost, not to mention taxes and shipping on top of that. But hey, this is something I want to try right?

*Note: I do not work for blurb, nor am I affiliated with them*

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