Teaser: Potential Front Cover for My Blanket

I just released a potential teaser picture for a quick mock-up of what the front cover for “My Blanket” could look like on the Andy Chiang Books Facebook site. I really would appreciate it if you took a few seconds to click the like button.

As for the loyal followers on my website here, I haven’t forgotten about you. Here’s a teaser of the teaser:

Just a small snip-it of what the cover could look like.

Just a small snip-it of what the cover could look like.

Mr. Suba and I will be having a hard working session within the next week to wrap up all of our outstanding projects. Next up for me? I’ll start teasing everyone with images of my next book, “The Sunflower, The Peony, and The Casablanca.” And yes, I realized I capitalized “the” because its part of their formal names (just a hint!).

So… I Can’t Draw

This isn’t really too concerning to me, because I’m sure the content of my book will far outweigh the illustrations – but I just remembered, I’m really bad at drawing.

Behold, one of my illustrations below:

Page 4

Now, you may be wondering what I am using to illustrate my children’s book. No? You weren’t wondering that? Well, I will tell you any way. I’m usingĀ MS Paint and nothing else. That’s right, my entire book will be illustrated through MS Paint. I know the image above looks terrible and you wouldn’t pay for something that looked like that, but I hope to improve my skills by the time the book is ready to publish. You may even be thinking that your child can illustrate better than me. I’m hurt by those thoughts, but hey, if they’re willing to work for free…

Also, my grade 5 teacher once bumped me from a C+ to a B- in Art class because she said she could feel the effort I put into the picture. That being said, I believe my illustration is worth at least a B-. I really put a lot of effort into it.

And you know what? I believe the effort that I am putting into this book will tie directly to its theme. I am going to try harder to get better.

It’s only a matter of time before I reach a B+.