ISBNs Availalbe for The Sunflower and My Blanket

For those of you who have a copy of my pre-release book and are wondering what the ISBNs are, well here they are:

978-0-9936166-0-0 My Blanket Book
978-0-9936166-1-7 The Sunflower Book

Hang on to those originals – they may be worth something someday!


#NoExcuses – It’s Been Far Too Long

Like the hashtag says, no excuses.

I’ve been away from the blog for almost 4 months now, and it’s not because I’ve lost the passion for writing or anything traumatic. I think the easiest way to put it is that life has caught up to me. Work has been piling up (my real job), bills need to be paid, personal lives need to be attended to, and well, there are just so many other things that have delayed me. These aren’t excuses because I know each and every one of you have the same things you need to deal with.

What this is, instead, is a promise. I will get back to writing and I will finish what I started.

Lady Minute has gone through 3 read throughs and I’ve gathered the various feedback from the readers. I’m going to go back and rewrite some of the book to give it more of a voice. Lady Second was finished and sent off to a few readers as well – we shall see what they say.

I know I say it a lot, but exciting things are happening soon and I will get right back at it.

Lady Minute – Last Steps for First Edits

After sitting at my computer for nearly three weeks non-stop (and staying up way, way, way late into the night and early morning on work days nonetheless), I am close to finishing the first cut of edits.

I will be sending the novel out to a few people to read… namely those who love reading and/or those who read on their daily commutes. I hope they will give me their honest feedback and we will see where we go from there.

Exciting times are coming! Next up – Lady Second!

After the Holidays – Next Project

I had once put together a collection of short stories that I titled “Lady Minute” which basically chronicles semi-non-fiction stories about my life and the journey through my precarious teenage years and early 20s.

I went back to the drawing board over the holidays and started a new novel project. A friend of mine suggested I write something upbeat and romantic, so I’ll give it my best shot. I’ll post a little more on the project soon, but I’ve titled it as “One Week.”

Staying Motivated

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated… especially when it feels like you’re just treading water. I’m not getting far in my quest to find world-wide distribution (aka: taking over the world via children’s literature) and that becomes a mental battle. I want to continue with my children’s books – I feel that I have a great third book lined up, but at the same time, there’s so many obstacles that I still need to overcome.

So what’s next?

Well, the editors feel that I need to change “The Sunflower” into a love story, and well, I agree, it would make more sense, but it wouldn’t be the same story that I was trying to get across.

The editors also want me to change the pictures in “My Blanket” but honestly, I don’t have the drawing ability to change, and I kind of feel the childish drawings add to it.

I guess I have a few choices, keep going until something sticks, or please the powers that be.

I’m going to choose to keep going. I started this. I’m going to end it the way I want it to end.

Huge News! One Step Closer!

Just got my approval as an independent publisher for!

What does that mean? It means that I am now able to submit my books for ISBN numbers! One step closer to being a legitimate author!

(sorry for the exclamation marks, but that’s how I express excitement on a blog post)

I Made It…

20131112_212952Look what came in the mail today… I made it…

I was so ecstatic to see these books sitting on my coffee table today. Yet, at the same time, I was a little frightened of the journey that is yet to come.

You might be wondering, but Andy, you already made your book, what’s next? The next step is to get the books in front of as many people as possible so that they can read through it and see where it might take me from there.

The journey is only beginning.

Oh yeah… news on the trilogy… yes there is a third book in the works!

Changes Coming for The Sunflower

For those that remember, the original title was “The Sunflower, The Peony, and The Casablanca.” After testing the name out with a few people, I found that the name was too long and it didn’t test well.

Even according to my faithful Mr. Suba, the name should be shortened. So hence, the name will now be simply titled “The Sunflower.” I wanted to add a subtitle, such as, “The Sunflower: A Story of Determination.”

We’ll see how it tests out. For those who have seen the cover photo below, you’ll notice that my drawing style has changed a little. I can tell you that I plan to change my style for every book – so that each book has its own unique “flavour.”

As for the test reads, it seems that I will have to modify the story and the images… which means, those of you who are lucky enough to be in possession of version 1.0, will be holding a rare copy of the book.

Check out the facebook page for some exclusive images from The Sunflower book.

Front Cover - The Sunflower