Change in Plans – Full Steam Ahead

During this “testing” phase of research and finding out how to get a book published, I’ve also been working diligently on book #2, titled “The Sunflower, the Peony, and the Casablanca.” As you’ve probably guessed from the title, it will be about three flowers.

So how does this all fit in? Mr. Suba will be delaying the production of our first draft (my 5th with “My Blanket”) and will produce both at the same time. I was aiming for an October release for “My Blanket” and a November release for “The Sunflower…” which means we are back on pace and, hopefully, ready to go.

My next few posts will most likely document how we go from a simple PDF format to a real hardcover book. I’m still working out the details, but maybe I can get by without an ISBN number… for now. Any incremental costs that this project creates… well, it’s basically incremental cost out of my pocket.

Do you think Kickstarter is a viable way to get noticed?