Lady Minute – Rewrite Complete

It took a long while – almost a full year of work, but I’m finally done the Lady Minute rewrite. It was a lot more work than I had anticipated. I had once thought that I was a good writer, but after reading through some of the “junk” that I had written, I know there’s still more work ahead.

I’ve sent the re-written version out to a few friends to read over. Again, once the feedback is gathered, I will continue to edit and work on getting closer to the finished product.

I had mentioned I was going to make a trilogy of the books. Lady Second, the aptly named sequel, is well under way. I expect this journey to be a lot quicker. There will be some bumps along the way, but I would safely say, I am 50% of the way there.


Lady Minute – Reading Session

Well my reader has almost finished the book and she has enjoyed it thus far. Every question she has had along the way, I’ve added to a list of to-dos. I think there’s a lot more work to do to get this novel to the level I’d like it to be at.

In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions on how to get published, or if you’re interested in reading, let me know!

I’m going to start looking for publishing companies or agencies soon – so I will keep everyone posted.

Thanks for all the support so far!

Lady Minute – Last Steps for First Edits

After sitting at my computer for nearly three weeks non-stop (and staying up way, way, way late into the night and early morning on work days nonetheless), I am close to finishing the first cut of edits.

I will be sending the novel out to a few people to read… namely those who love reading and/or those who read on their daily commutes. I hope they will give me their honest feedback and we will see where we go from there.

Exciting times are coming! Next up – Lady Second!

Update on Project: 5 Weddings

Inspiration really does come out of nowhere. That’s probably why I don’t sleep a lot because you just never know when an idea will hit you.

I started writing 5 weddings with the intention of the story to follow a man as he journeys through 5 major weddings that have occurred in his life. Now that I think about it a little more, I’m going back to re-write and re-work my original two pieces: Lady Minute and Lady Second. 5 Weddings will be reworked into the finale of the “Lady” series. I still need to come up with a good name for this though.

Lady ______

Coming soon