Synopsis: 5 Weddings

So I want to shed a little more light on the long-term project that I’m working on. I originally wrote a story called “One Week” before taking that story in another direction. I’ve decided to rename this story, 5 Weddings. And as you have probably guessed – the story is about five different weddings.

The prologue starts with a man watching a woman walk down the aisle. She is his ex, but must have stayed close enough that he warranted an invite to her wedding day. He learns one of the most valuable lessons from watching his ex marry another man.

The story will then lead to another wedding during the introduction, presumably the fifth. The main character is fumbling around trying to find his seat. He’s a nervous wreck and begins to reflect on how he arrived at this point.

So there are two of the five weddings already revealed. The story then follows three more weddings that build up to the fifth wedding mentioned in the introduction.

It will be a love story (going back to my roots here).

What’s next?
After I lay down some more of the foundation I have a couple other projects that I want to work on.
A friend of mine, Pritpaul, is a part-time writer and is looking for a new project to tackle. Together we are going to work on a post-apocalyptic-esque story. A total 180 of what I’ve been doing here, but I hope you will all enjoy it.
On the picture book front? Well I’ll be putting together book #3 during the “off” times when I’m not focused on my novel or other projects.

Happy 2014 everyone! I think this will be an exciting year.


Staying Motivated

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated… especially when it feels like you’re just treading water. I’m not getting far in my quest to find world-wide distribution (aka: taking over the world via children’s literature) and that becomes a mental battle. I want to continue with my children’s books – I feel that I have a great third book lined up, but at the same time, there’s so many obstacles that I still need to overcome.

So what’s next?

Well, the editors feel that I need to change “The Sunflower” into a love story, and well, I agree, it would make more sense, but it wouldn’t be the same story that I was trying to get across.

The editors also want me to change the pictures in “My Blanket” but honestly, I don’t have the drawing ability to change, and I kind of feel the childish drawings add to it.

I guess I have a few choices, keep going until something sticks, or please the powers that be.

I’m going to choose to keep going. I started this. I’m going to end it the way I want it to end.